In the Zone

Day 3 at Metis


So far I haven't had much time to reflect, but I was thinking about some things on my commute home today. I was thinking about the adrenaline rush of learning and really just working my butt off. I thought about how different this experience is from my last coding bootcamp I did 2 years ago. I also realized how well prepared, well thought out and well executed the Metis Data Science Bootcamp really is. It is not easy to make everything work, but after the first few days, I think I know why. The instructors and staff are incredibly passionate about what they do and so they do it with excellence. I am glad that there's so much I can learn and glean from them! They are also very multi-dimensional in their skill sets and are also great communicators (our instructors are Bo Peng and Aaron Schumacher)! I look forward to getting to know each one of them as they help not just in teaching data science but also in interviewing skills, job searching, etc.

I think because the staff pours so much into this bootcamp, it's hard not to also want to pour everything into it. Weirdly enough, I find myself wanting to work at home when I get back from a long day at camp and a long commute. It's a joy. #notlying

Home Setup

It's especially a joy with this awesome 21:9 aspect monitor!

What I Learned Today:
Github is far easier to use than SVN!