Expanding Storage On EC2

Harddrive While streaming hundreds of thousands of tweets from my EC2 cloud machine, I realized that my tiny 8gb EC2 instance was starting to run out of memory. So I went to my AWS dashboard to increase the memory, thinking that it would just take a couple clicks. Little did I know the process would be much harder....

Step 1: Stop your Instance
Right-click your instance and make sure the shutdown behavior is on "Stop" and not "Terminate"

Then "Stop" your instance.

Step 2: Create Snapshot
In the volume section, create a snapshot of your instance. Name it whatever you want.

Step 3: Create New Volume In the snapshots section, right-click your freshly created snapshot, and create volume. Pick your instance size a bit more generously this time!

Make sure your availability zone matches that of your old instance.

Step 4: Detach and Attach Volumes In the volume section, detach your old volume. And then right-click your new volume and attach the correct instance (the name of your old instance, it should auto-complete when you start typing it).

Step 5: Start Your New Instance In the instances section, start your new instance!

Don't forget that now you may have a new IP address so you'll have to update your SSH setting, but everything else should be exactly the same!

What I Learned Today:
Velociraptors are the coolest dinosaurs ever!