Do What You Love

Day 4 at Metis

Metis is located inside of a WeWork facility. Their facilities are awesome and it makes the overall bootcamp experience that much better. It's a coworking space so while there are different offices, there are probably over 50 companies within the space. WeWork provides coffee, beer, and mugs. I love the mugs because the decal on them reads "Do What You Love". I can tell that a lot of the people who work in this facility really love what they're doing. And one of the reasons why I love being at Metis is because the students love what they are doing. We are constantly geeking out over incredibly nerdy things and excitedly talking about coding and the different projects we are working on.

This reminds me of why I switched careers to become a coder in the first place. I love to learn, and coding (data science included) definitely requires a lot of it! And it also leads me to think about the next step. In 11 weeks I'll be done with Metis and looking for jobs. Whether I end up staying here or moving to the west coast, I'm excited for where I'll be working. Will it be a big company or a small one, a tech company or maybe something in education or finance, a job doing purely Data Science or a mixture of my other skillsets? Ultimately, I don't know, but I do know that I love what I'm doing now and the thought of doing this as a full time job is very exciting.

What I Learned Today:
WeWork has a $5 billion valuation!